the timer is set. I have just over thirty minutes to write this morning. I have been wanting to write another blog post for a while…ever since I published my last one. truth be told, I have two drafts in progress, and have deleted one or two. perfectionism and image-management are setting in.

I have so many things on my plate (both mentally and in external, “objective” reality) right now that I’ve been feeling super behind the eight ball, and like I can’t catch up. so. it’s time to slow down. reassess. let some things go. decidedly, this blog is not one of those things.

blogging: keep

sleeping: keep

eating: keep. 

housework: keep

work-work: keep

self-care: keep. 

tender moments with Maynard: keep. 

just-started social media volunteer gig: reconsider

netflix membership: reconsider

self-imposed, self-perpetuated ignorance around personal finances, dietary needs in my life: reconsiderstop

being in a hurry to go places, get things done, make drastic changesreconsider. stop.

self-recrimination: stop. breathe.

overwhelm: notice, breathe.

self-doubt: notice, breathe.

really looking at financial situation, a tiny bit at a time if necessarymake a beginning. 

update resume: make a beginning.

regular, gentle exercise (walking/yoga): make a beginning. 

other people’s expectations of me (real or imagined): let go. or be dragged.



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  1. Rebecca Bishop says:

    I love your reset list. I need this too.

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  2. William Mitchell says:

    This was wonderful, introspective writing. It made me think and it made me feel better which is what all good writing does to those of us who read.

    Liked by 1 person

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